5 Ways 2 Guys Are Facing Off Against Big Razor

Harry’s isn’t like Big Razor or other shaving companies. In fact, we’re the exact opposite in a lot of ways. Everything we do puts the customer first. Here are a few ways we’re doing things differently:

1. We don’t upcharge.

Harry’s exists because Andy, one of our co-founders, felt ripped off after buying expensive blades. That’s why we put customers first and don’t upcharge.

2. We do what it takes.

When our founders started Harry’s, they didn’t rest until they figured out how to offer guys a great blade at a great price. They tried a ton of blades. But nothing was perfect. So they decided to make their own. How? By buying a 95-year-old German razor blade factory. It was the only way.

3. We listen to your ideas.

Our customers are amazing. They’re constantly challenging us to make the best products. For example, they told us they wanted a single trimmer blade for sculpting sideburns. So we added one to the five-blade cartridge, and kept the price the same.

4. We really care about your experience.

Everything we do is designed to make you feel good. From our check-in emails, to our customer-friendly return policy, to the fact that if you have any concerns whatsoever we’ll go above and beyond to make it right.

5. We let you try Harry’s free.

The best way to see if Harry’s works for you is to try it free when you sign up. Just cover a few bucks for shipping and we’ll send you our Free Trial Set with a razor, shave gel, and travel blade cover. Enjoy the shave and let us know what you think.

We hope you try Harry’s and help us take a stand against Big Razor and their high prices.

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