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7 Reasons Why Guys Are Loving Harry's

This New York founded company has been taking the shaving industry by storm since 2013, and has been tried by over 5 million guys. Having just launched in the U.K. we dug a little deeper to find out why all of a sudden every guy seems to be switching to Harry’s for their shaving needs.

1. They are 4 years old with 100 years of experience.

Harry’s blades are made at a 100 year-old factory in Eisfield, Germany, that the 4 year-old start-up purchased. This is one of the main reasons they’re able to offer a quality shave at a fair price – there’s no middle man.

2. They know how to “handle” things (literally).

Their razor handles are ergonomically designed with a weighted core to give you better control while shaving. The shape and weight is inspired by other tools like German knives and fine ballpoint pens.

3. They’re the first to successfully offer a quality shave at a lower price.

A good shave has always come at a bad price, and the reverse is true also. However, since Harry’s operates its own factory and sells directly online, they can offer both a good price and a good shave.

4. More than just razors.

They have a full line of grooming products including shave cream, shave gel, post shave balm and face wash. They’ve also won more than a handful of grooming awards in the U.S. and recently won an award at the U.K. GQ Grooming Awards 2018.

5. It’s run by two best friends.

After Andy (on the right) had a bad experience buying razors at the supermarket, he called his friend Jeff (on the left) and suggested they do something about it – so they started Harry’s.

6. They’ve been rather successful in the U.S.

In the 4 years since Harry’s launched, over 5 million guys have already tried them. Fortunately they’re now available in the UK.

7. They genuinely care about their customers.

Whether it’s for help, a question, or just to say hello, their customer service team is always quick to answer every single email and call. It’s even been known for customers to send care packages to the Harry’s team.

Harry's price compared to leading competitors

So how much does it cost? An 8-pack of Harry’s blades is £15 whereas an 8-pack from the current market leader is about £21.60 They each have five quality blades, a lubricating strip and a flex hinge – the most-desired features of a razor.

Looking to make a switch? Harry's makes it easy with a free trial when you sign up for a Shave Plan, just cover £3.95 for delivery.